Anne: Washing and Anointing

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Anne: Washing and Anointing
The name of the actress: Anne
Name movie: Anne: Washing and Anointing
NPP site and the site:
Year: 2015
Genre: Lesbian
Duration: 00:13:13
Anne has been a Mormon from birth and she thought she knew everything there was to know about her faith, but now the she has attracted the Seed Bearer’s erotic interest, this teen has been welcomed to the temple for the first time and she is seeing all the things that have been kept from her all these years. The experience has been humiliating, confusing and painful, though she can not deny that she is feeling more and more physical pleasure the deeper she enters into dark, sexual world of The Order.
But since the grown ups around her were sworn never to discuss what secret rituals are performed inside the temple, some of the most peculiar practices have been totally hidden from her.
After the High Priestess explored her virgin orifice with the hard, cold Seerstone, she let Anne collect herself for a brief moment. Then she helped the girl down off the altar and led her immediately into a pitch-dark room. Anne has no idea that such a room existed in the temple. To be honest, it seemed to her to be the opposite of the bright, light-filled spaces she had expected to find in the temple. This room is entirely shrouded in black curtains, and it makes her feel very uneasy. The High Priestess and she both put on a small green apron, which hardly covers anything, and then they kneel on a low altar.
Anne can not take her eyes off the other woman’s gorgeous breasts. Is she allowed to look? she wonders. Permitted or not, she can not help herself. She has never seen such large, perfectly-shaped breasts before, and she is fantasizing about taking a nipple between her lips and biting down gently.
As if the High Priestess can read her mind, she guides Anne’s mouth to her breast. The girl is shaking with fear and excitement, and when her tongue touches the nipple, an electric charge races through the Priestess’s body. She is going to take her time with this girl, anointing her body with oil and massaging it before she climbs on the girls face and gives her a first taste of pussy.

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