Anne: First Seeding

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Anne: First Seeding
The name of the actress: Anne
Name movie: Anne: First Seeding
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Year: 2015
Genre: Straight
Duration: 00:17:06
The Order has selected Anne, a beautiful, faithful and obedient virgin Mormon girl, for a full inspection. Her hole has been probed by the Seerstone, and the High Priestess has checked every inch of her previously untouched body. Now she waits to see if she is worthy for the Seed Bearer.
Anne is confused by these sexual experiences, but finds herself eager to please as she gets ever closer to having her virginity taken by the Seed Bearer. She has already felt things that she has previously thought impossible, and she is curious to know what else The Order has prepared for her.
She is nervous as she is led into a white room that has been prepared within the temple. It’s different to the other rooms she has been taken to, it’s full of light and a bed adorned with white sheets dominates the center of the room. She surprised to see that her husband is there, seated off to the side of the room. Although she was married off when she was young, she is the property of the Seed Bearer and she is not permitted to have sex with her husband. Much as he has wanted to take her clothes off and get a look at her virgin pussy, they have both been obedient to the commandments.
Anne has met the Seed Bearer before, and seeing him again he’s just as handsome as she remembers. She feels a strong attraction to him. As soon as she feels desire for him, she’s immediately ashamed. How can she feel such things when her husband is so close?
Anne sits on the edge of the bed and waits for instruction. Her hands feel shaky and her tummy swirls with nerves.
The man speaks, “You have been inspected, and you are worthy.”
Relief floods her as the words are spoken. She ‘feels special, and very lucky, but she’s totally nervous. She can feel her husband’s eyes on her. Is he going to watch them have sex?
Anne promises to keep the secrets of the temple and then follows the Seed Bearer’s instructions, finally allowed to undress him. He gives her permission to touch his body, and she can hardly believe what’s happening, that she’s been given such a privilege. She takes her time, mapping her fingers across his skin. She’s never seen a man naked before. She’s afraid to touch his private parts, but her curiosity wins out. She reaches into his underclothes, and dares to cup his cock. It feels heavy in her small hand. She tries not to think of her husband who is only several feet away and who has been instructed to watch.
Anne gets lost in her feelings, confused by everything that’s happening. It is not long before she finds herself being laid on the bed, her legs open and her virgin pussy exposed to the Seed Bearer. His cock looks huge and she anxious for it, she wants it inside her. She’s still dizzy with the knowledge that her first time will be with the Seed Bearer himself. She looks over at her husband, who is humiliated and will not make eye contact.
Finally, she feels the first press of the Seed Bearers member against her virgin flesh, it feels like nothing she expected as he pushes it inside, forcing her small pussy adjust to the size. She’s assaulted with so many feelings; pain and an unexpected pleasure intermingle as desire courses through her.
She is excited as her husband is instructed to stand, he grips her ankles and holds her legs open. The touch gives her a secret thrill that shames her. The Seed Bearer starts to pound into her; she can do nothing but submit. Intense pleasure explodes throughout her. It’s almost too much.
Anne tries to fight her inner desire but she can not contain it. She moans and claws the bed. She’s desperate to touch herself, and the Seed Bearer takes her hand and places it on her clitoris. She wants his seed. And as he starts to fuck her pussy harder and faster, she can tell that she’s going to get what she wants.

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