Anne: Family Breeding

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Anne: Family Breeding
The name of the actress: Anne
Name movie: Anne: Family Breeding
NPP site and the site:
Year: 2015
Genre: Straight, Masturbate
Duration: 00:22:12
The humiliation and degradation young Mormon girl Anne has been subjected to are truly shocking. When you’re LDS sex can be a sticky business.
But since Anne was raised Mormon from birth, and kept away from the modern world, she sees nothing wrong with the control over her body exercised by the powerful men who run the church. For a Mormon sex is all about obedience. And due to Anne’s unquestioning obedience, her pretty face and her tight pussy, she is lucky enough to find herself selected once again for an erotic ritual performed by the Seed Bearer.
The memories of their last meeting are still fresh in Anne’s mind. And though she knows that she probably should not, she often thinks about the Seed Bearer – of his handsome face, muscular physique and large cock.
Stripped naked, Anne follows the Seed Bearer into the heart of the temple, where she discovers she is not alone. Sister Davis is there, too, wearing a sheer ceremonial robe.
Anne is embarrassed to be naked with the Seed Bearer in front of Sister Davis, who she imagines is much experienced than she is. She can see how beautiful the other woman is, with her big breasts and her read hair and pretty face, and she feels a little shy and insecure. Those feelings are amplified when is the Seed Bearers tells Anne that Sister Davis is one of his wives.
Anne does not understand why all three of them are here together, both women’s bodies exposed and vulnerable.
But she follows his instructions, as any good Mormon girl would. The Seed Bearer stuffs his sacred underwear in her mouth, and then orders Anne to sit and watch. She is here to learn how she should please the Seed Bearer. But as she watches Sister Davis please him, she burns with envy and. She wishes it was her pussy that the Seed Bearer was licking, and her mouth that was full of his cock.
Anne is powerless to do anything but watch as the Seed Bearer fucks Sister Davis’s pretty pussy. The beautiful redhead is clearly enjoying herself. The sounds of her moans and gasps fill the bright, white room.
Annes’s eyes are fixated, unable to look away as she watches the Seed Bearer pound into Sister Davis. As painful as this is for Anne, she can not wait to see him pull his large cock out, jerk it and cover Sister Davis in his thick cum.

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