Perfect Pairs 3

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Perfect Pairs 3
Year: 2008
Country: Argentina
Genre: Anal, Oral, Latino, General Hardcore, Condoms
Duration: 2:10:01
Director: Luciano Haas
Studio: Studio 2000
Alan Efron
Eric Bravo
Felix Cohn
Gerardo Bartok
Gustavo Walt
Ivo de Laurentis
Nazareno Ardui
Neo Matrix
Santiago Thora
Toro Bull
Description: Once again director Luciano Haas, down in Buenos Aires has come up with another 10 Argentinean super studs to perform especially for you. Gorgeous faces, great bodies and delicious uncut cocks were everywhere. If you liked Perfect Pairs: Volume 1 and Perfect Pairs: Volume 2, you’ll love Perfect Pairs: Volume 3!
1. Nazareno Ardui, Ivo de Laurentis
Nazareno Ardui sucks Ivo de Laurentis; Ivo tops Nazareno; both j.o.
2. Gustavo Walt, Santiago Thora
Gustavo Walt sucks Santiago Thora; Santiago rims and tops Gustavo; Gustavo j.o.’s.
3. Alan Efron, Neo Matrix
Alan Efron sucks Neo Matrix; Neo tops Alan; both j.o.
4. Eric Bravo, Toro Bull
Eric Bravo sucks Toro Bull; Toro facefucks and tops Eric; Toro j.o.’s.
5. Gerardo Bartok, Felix Cohn
Gerardo Bartok sucks and rims Felix Cohn; Felix facefucks and tops Gerardo; Gerardo tops Felix; both j.o.

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Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 93 kbps

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