Oba No Shinshitsu

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Oba No Shinshitsu

Release Year: 2006

Kenta is an ordinary uni student, that due to his friend going overseas to work he is sent to his house and her girl that live all alone. He loves his cousin Reina who is two years older than Kenta. One day, when he smells Reina’s underwear secretly, Marino, who is Reina’s women, turns up. She threatens him to have a sexual relationship with her…. Kenta is becoming her sexual slave gradually struggling between love toward Reina and sexual desire toward Marino. Download and enjoy!

OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8 CPU: PentiumII 300 MHz/PentiumIII 500 MHz RAM: 64MB/128MB/VRAM: DirectX:8.1 800*600/1024*768 HDD: 656 MB

File size: 684.1 MB

Oba No Shinshitsu.rar

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