Lost Kingdom Of Princess Knight Alicia

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Lost Kingdom Of Princess Knight Alicia

Release Year: 2015

Alicia princess of late Erutoria kingdom now. Erutoria kingdom but everyone was the ideal country to live happily, shortly born Alicia is. It was a borough deprived of their country to Puromekia empire by appearance attracting Minister McManus. And it passed the time in over 10 years for the friendly from the girl grew up Alicia is the parent of grown Glenda own birth. You heard. The …… even decided to go on a journey together with the white of friends to hand the holy sword mist Ruthin puzzled. Really is the fate that awaits her is? H event lots of full-fledged R P G. Download and enjoy!


File size: 310.2 MB

Lost Kingdom Of Princess Knight Alicia.rar

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