Clouds Are Gathering!

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Clouds Are Gathering!

Release Year: 2014

Long ago there was a powerful Orc kingdom. The Orc King, being without enemies, expanded his dominion until he reached the human realm of Asgard, which was protected by the gods. The front lines between Asgard and the Orc kingdom reached a stalemate, but that wasn’t the only thing that troubled the Orc King. His boy was selfish and reckless. His merit was in doubt. Therefore, the King sent the Orc Prince to guard a certain castle on the front lines. If you, the Prince, could defend the castle it was a win for the Orc kingdom… … and if you should die, well, that’s no loss to such a tyrant as the Orc King. That said, you’re not dispatched unfairly to your doom. In your company is Misty, the dedicated dark elf of the royal friend. Take stronghold in the Orc castle… where waves of adventurers mindlessly attack, hoping to claim your head as a prize… Download and enjoy!

PC/ Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7

File size: 534.8 MB

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